PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, better known as PHP, is a famous server-side coding language, which can be used to create dynamic websites with interactive elements such as bulletin boards, school websites or community websites. In comparison to static HTML-based sites, a PHP site can display unique web content to each user under the same exact page URL. As PHP-based applications can be managed through one single Control Panel tool, which you can log on to from any online browser, you will not need any web development knowledge or prior experience whatsoever in order to maintain a PHP website. The fact that hundreds of millions of sites around the world are built using PHP is an indication of the language’s popularity and simplicity of use. You only ought to verify whether or not the web server on which your site is hosted supports the exact same PHP version as the one that you used while developing the website.

PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7 and PHP 8 Support in Hosting

With our hosting plans, you will be able to choose the version of PHP that will be active for your web hosting account, as we support multiple versions. With only one mouse click, you’ll be able to switch between PHP 4, 5, 7 and whenever a new version is unveiled in the future, we will include it in the Hepsia Control Panel without removing the earlier versions. In this way, you’ll be able to host all the websites that you have developed through the years. In contrast with a lot of other providers, we will not compel you to update such websites, as a script may be outdated, but this doesn’t mean that it is insecure as you may have done modifications to its source code to plug safety loopholes. For your convenience, you’ll even be able to pick a different version of PHP for each single website that you host in your web hosting account.